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A Practical Guide to Special Education Advocate Training. (2011). In  (Comp.),  (pp. 1-360). Los Angeles: USC University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities/Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates, Inc..

ASC  offers fee based and low to no cost advocacy dependent on a families ability to pay. 

We can offer this because of generous donations and grant money.

ASC believes that every child is entitled to an appropriate education and we want parents to have the tools to advocate for them.


IEP/IPP meetings can be challenging for many families for many different reasons. 


Advocates are available to provide moral support and make sure that parents feel they are adequately informed so they can be equal participants on the IEP Team.

Advocates should never be used in place of an Attorney.  Advocates cannot provide legal advice.  Advocates can assist a parent in understanding their child's needs, learn how schools can and are required to meet those needs under the law, and know about available solutions and remedies to educational disputes.  Advocates can be used to reduce costs for Due Process by helping parents organize paperwork and prep the case.  

Parents may choose to hire an advocate for many reasons.  They may believe that their child needs special education services and are having problems with eligibility.  They may feel that their child's rights have been violated.  They may disagree with current services or feel that progress is not being made.  Advocates can assist with disciplinary measures as well as determining appropriate placement. 

IEP/IPP Meeting Support:

Special Education Advocates are non-attorney professionals who assist parents in securing educational rights for their children with disabilities.  Advocates work in partnership with students and families to navigate the educational system so that appropriate services and supports are provided.  They are familiar with IDEA the federal laws that govern special education.   

Why do parents choose to use an Advocate?

Why use an Advocate instead of an Attorney?

what is a Special Education Advocate?