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List of FMS Providers: Far Northern

Aveanna Support Services

Main Information:

Services Available:

Bill Payer, Sole Employer and Co-Employer (with nursing through home health agency only)

Sole Employer:

Sole Employer Rate:

14.25% + 3.3% sick time

No Health Insurance


Co-Employer Rate:

13.6% + 3.3% sick time

Background check:

  • All Employees and vendors must do live scan

No Health Insurance

Budget Report:

Uploaded on platform on 8th of the month; Login to platform to get report; Real time data.

Wait List:


Waitlist Requirements:

  • Signed Budget

  • Draft Spending Plan

  • Will do 30 minute consult

  • Requires everyone to be onboarded and hired before the 10th of the month *prior* to their start date - i.e. no later than 3/10/2023 for 4/1/2023 start date

Other Information:


  • English

  • Spanish

  • Vietnamese

  • Mandarin

  • Cantonese

  • Trieu Chau

Service Codes Not Supported:

  • No clinical needs (nursing, G-Tubes, etc.) - they will only provide support in the bill payer model, not co-employer.

  • Live-in caregiver

You must use Aveanna Spending Plan.

Maximum Budget Amount: $150,000 - $200,000

(requires review)

Aveanna Support Services Payment Information:

Paperwork Requirements for 1099:

  • ABC Test

  • Vendor Enrollment Form

  • Business License or Certificate

  • W-9

  • Direct Deposit Form

  • HCBS Compliant (from Regional Center - 2-4 weeks

Invoice Time:

  • Invoice Participant Responsibility

  • 45 business days to process payment (do not accept invoice directly from vendor)

No Reimbursement

Accepts credit card purchases in some cases

Electronic Time Sheet: Pays Weekly

Aveanna Support Services Contact Information:

Beatriz Casas and Olivia


Other Phone Numbers:

310-215-1730 (traditional)

408-288-6701 (San Jose)

Other Contact Emails:

Northern California:

Southern California:

SDP Spending Plan Submission:

SDP Invoice Submission:

SDP enrollment Inquiries:

Time Zone: PST



Main Information:

Services Available:

Bill Payer, Sole Employer and Co-Employer

Sole Employer:

Sole Employer Rate:

16.5%, parent employee: 4.85%

Background check:

  • Only those required by law must do live scan - employee's responsibility

Sole Employer Insurance:

  • Offers workers comp and liability through Mains'l

  • Employment taxes

  • Sick time

  • No health insurance


Co-Employer Rate:


Background check:

  • All employees and must do live scan - employee pays cost

  • COVID record

Co-Employer Insurance:

  • Offers workers comp and liability through Mains'l

  • Health insurance after 30 or more hours per week after 90 days of employment; employee chooses if they will opt on or not; participant pays 100%

Budget Report:

Monthly by the 15th; sent directly to the participant (will not send to IF)

Wait List:

2023 Waitlist Schedule:

SDP Start Date:

Wait list Open Date:

  • 7/1/2023

  • 8/1/2023

  • 9/1/2023

  • 10/1/2023

  • 11/1/2023

  • 12/1/2023







  • Waitlist for each month will remain open until we have reached our maximum capacity for that month.

  • Spaces on our list will be filled on a first come first served basis. Each participant will be added individually to our list once all required information has been received, we do not allow for place holders or swaps.

Waitlist Requirements:

  • Consultation on as needed basis

  • 2 months prior enrollment process

  • Send spending plan and budget to FMS by 15th of the month prior

  • If you delay submitting staff paperwork, you can enroll but staff will start when it's processed

Other Information:

99: Started process


  • English

Service Codes are not supported in co-employer but nursing is available in bill payer and sole employer

Maximum Budget Amount: No Cap

Mains'l Payment Information:

Paperwork Requirements for 1099:

  • W-9

  • Optional direct deposit or check

  • If vendor uses social security number, they will check to make sure they are not employee

Invoice Time:

  • Invoices forwarded from participant or sent from vendor with participant signature

  • Invoices are processed on a weekly basis.

  • Invoices received by 5pm on Tuesday and less than $500 are paid the same week on Friday.

  • Invoices received by 5pm on Tuesday and between $500-$9,999 are paid 3 weeks out on Friday.

  • Invoices received by 5pm on Tuesday and more than $10,000 are paid 5 weeks out on Friday.

  • <$500 three weeks

Offers reimbursement for parent of an adult only

Accepts credit card purchases (will not leave for reoccuring)

Accepts gift cards if limited to single product or service listed in spending plan

EVV: Already part of system

Electronic Time Sheet: Yes

Mains'l Contact Information:

Stephanie Burggraff

Jason Bergquist


Time Zone: CST


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