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  • AFHA

    AFHA Adult Family Home Agency Agencia de Hogar Familiar para Adultos Adult Family Home Agencies (AFHA) are private, not-for-profit agencies. Regional centers contract with AFHAs to develop homes for adults who want to live with a family.[l] After being trained, and with continued help from the AFHA, a family can take in one or two adults with developmental disabilities to live with them as part of their family. [2] The regional center will decide the need for AFHA services based on: Whether there are enough AFHAs providing services; Whether the AFHA will meet an unmet need in your IPP; and Whether there may be a future need for AFHA services within the regional center's service area. Previous Go back to ACRONYMS Next < Back

  • AB

    AB Assembly Bill Proyecto de Ley de la Asamblea An Assembly Bill (AB) is one introduced in the Assembly; a Senate Bill (SB), in the Senate. Bills are designated by number, in the order of introduction in each house. For example, AB 16 refers to the 16th bill introduced in the Assembly. The numbering starts afresh each session. Previous Go back to ACRONYMS Next < Back

  • ABLE

    ABLE Achieving a Better Life Logrando una Vida Mejor "CalABLE is a savings and investment plan offered by the state of California to individuals with disabilities." Previous Go back to ACRONYMS Next < Back

  • BHT

    BHT Behavioral Health Treatment Tratamiento de Salud Conductual ​ Previous Go back to ACRONYMS Next < Back


    CCBEDS California Basic Educational Data System Sistema de Datos Educativos Básicos de California ​ Previous Go back to ACRONYMS Next < Back

  • AAC

    AAC Alternative Augmentative Communication Comunicación Aumentativa Alternativa AAC means all of the ways that someone communicates besides talking. People of all ages can use AAC if they have trouble with speech or language skills. Augmentative means to add to someone’s speech. Alternative means to be used instead of speech. Some people use AAC throughout their life. Others may use AAC only for a short time, like when they have surgery and can’t talk. Previous Go back to ACRONYMS Next < Back

  • AMA

    AMA American Medical Association Asociación Médica de Estados Unidos Previous Go back to ACRONYMS Next < Back

  • BCP

    BCP Budget Change Proposal Propuesta de Cambio de Presupuesto ​ Previous Go back to ACRONYMS Next < Back

  • Thank you!!! | Autism Support Community

    Thank you for your donation!

  • CLUBS | Autism Support Community

    Virtual Social Clubs Club ASC Mission: Autism Support Community wanted to create opportunities for socialization. We realize that these opportunities are sometimes difficult to find for people on the spectrum. This becomes even more difficult during transition periods. ASC wanted to have a safe space to create clubs based on unique interests. These are not formal social skills classes. These clubs are an opportunity to engage and develop the skills and friendships in a natural setting with peers. What is Club ASC? Autism Support Community offers an inclusive safe setting to virtually meet up and socialize with friends. Clubs have volunteer moderators that are there for support if needed. Club ASC meetings are organized by anyone who has an idea for a group. It might be a book club, a movie watching club, a dungeons and dragons club, a Magic the Gathering club, or Pokemon club. Any interest that you want to share with others. There are rules that all Clubs must adhere to. Club ASC Rules of Conduct: All clubs are approved by ASC. All clubs have a moderator. All Clubs are on zoom. ASC does not support in person clubs/meetings No money is to be exchanged during a club including no betting or purchasing from other participants. Clubs are for members of that club only. Do not share access information with others. Inclusive: Clubs cannot discriminate based on gender, race, disability, or sexual orientation. Sportsmanship: Game play can lead to lively interactions and sometimes frustration. All participants will behave with good sportsmanship. Make sure all group members are being included. Make sure all club members are part of decision making. Harassment: Harassment between participants is not permitted. Privacy: Participants are never required to give out any personal information. Language: Some adult groups may choose to permit swearing. This will be included in the club description so all participants are in agreement. However, there are limitations to this. Swearing may not be directed towards another participant. It cannot be racial or sexual in nature. It cannot be used in a harassing or unsportsmanlike nature. Participants that use excessive language will be asked to curb it. Participants that do not follow the Club ASC Rules will be given a warning. Participants who continue to not to follow Club ASC Rules after the warning will be removed from club. Second club removal will result in removal from Club ASC participation. Social Club Options selected by Club Creators: Type of Club Age group of participants (if adult club will swearing be permitted) Number of participants Who will be the moderator Date and time of meetings (worked out with moderator availability) Moderator Role: Moderators are volunteers. Moderators may not be a parent of a club participant. Why is this? Sometimes people on the spectrum never have a chance to just be themselves without supervision or scrutiny. ASC wanted to create a space that has freedom within a safe boundary. Moderators stay in the background and do not get involved in the club unless there is a problem the group is unable to resolve on their own. Moderators will give them a chance to try to resolve it on their own. If they cannot, Moderators may place participants in time-out to cool off. Moderators may also remove participants that are not following the Club ASC rules of conduct. Join a Club! Find out what clubs are available to join. Click here to see club descriptions and Calendar of events. Button Form a Club! Interested in forming your own virtual social club? Do you have a great idea for a club? Are you a natural leader or want to learn to be one? Click on the button below to send your idea(s). Button

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