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Autism Support Community and Independent Facilitator Network:
FMS Comparison Chart

Autism Support Community in partnership with The Independent Facilitator Network has created a detailed list of information for financial management services. The information is updated quarterly by reaching out to the financial management services. This is informational only, be sure to verify with the financial management service as policies do change!

FMS Wait List Updates

Last updated on January 2024.


No Wait List. Currently only taking WRC clients.


  • Can start getting set up (including employees)

  • Background checks as soon as POS comes in

  • Waiting for POS Budget and spending plan to be ready to go

Essential Pay

Waiting List.

GT Independence

Will hold meeting and provide start date.

Will not accept mid year transfers.

Sequoia Inc.

 No Waiting List.

24Hour Homecare

Not taking new clients.

Action FMS

Cambrian Homecare

No waiting at this time.

Dromen Inc.

Not taking clients yet.


Introductory call with new inquiries.


  • Signed Budget and Spending Plan

  • Then 30 days

Community Interface Services



Meet and Greet:

  • Will set potential start date at meeting.

  • Will notify if accepted within 1 week of meeting.

  • Start date will be 2 months later.


  • Certified Budget

  • Draft Spending Plan

  • Paperwork turned in by the 15th of the month prior to start date.

FACT Family

Enrollment closed until March 2024:

They do not have a waiting list and will not accept any spending plans until March 2024.

Ritz Vocational Management

Taking clients 

Tracy Stein Management Services


Support Services

Northern California:

Accepting consult meetings now.

Southern California:

Aveanna is full through the end of 2023 as of 6/26/23.


  • Signed Budget

  • Draft Spending Plan

  • Will do 30 minute consult

  • Requires everyone to be onboarded and hired before the 10th of the month *prior* to their start date - i.e. no later than 3/10/2023 for 4/1/2023 start date

Home of Guiding Hands

No Wait List. Not currently taking clients.


  • Certified Budget

  • Process of Spending Plan

  • Paperwork turned in by the 15th of the month prior.

Search for FMS Providers by Regional Center

Last updated on Febuary 2024.

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