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Autism Support Community Independent Facilitator Services

Autism Support Community offers person-centered planning as well as full transition into self-determination. These services are at no cost to participants. The state provides participants a one-time amount of $2500 to complete a person-centered plan AND receive support to transition into the Self Determination Program. NOTE: Don't spend your whole $2500 on a person-centered plan!!! The checklist shows the details an independent facilitator should support you with.

Sign Up for Independent Facilitation

We apologize but Autism Support Community currently has a waiting list for Independent Facilitation. But we have you covered in the meantime!

Wait List Sign Up

Sign up here to get on the waiting list.


Thank you. Your name has been added to the wait list. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Ask an IF

Sign up for a half-hour "Ask an IF" meeting to discuss what steps you can do to be ready for independent facilitator support to begin.

Attend Support Groups

Click here to learn about our Support Group services we offer.

Click on the button below to find and join our support group events.

Ask an IF
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