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Autism Support Community
Support Groups

Autism Support Community Support Groups are safe, confidential, and supportive environments. The Ground Rules are our standard through which we honor the needs, safety, and overall health and well-being of our group. To participate in an ASC Support Group Meeting, you must agree to abide by our ground rules.

Support Group Ground Rules:

  • Confidentiality: What is said in the group is not repeated or discussed outside of group,

  • Responsibility: We work together to make the group work,

  • Acceptance: We accept people for who they are, and

  • Participation: Be Kind. Everyone can choose how much they want to participate. We will make sure to give everyone an opportunity to share that wants to. We do not interrupt or judge others.

Support Group

Support Groups:

Transition into the Self Determination Program

This is a group to support one another through the process of transitioning into the Self Determination Program.

First Fridays of the month


This group is currently full, but another one will be coming soon!

Self Advocates/Parents:
Adults on the Spectrum

Coming soon!

Create as you Chat

This is a creative support group for artists/those who like to create art who are looking for other creatives to talk to.

First and third Wednesdays of the month


Self Advocates/Parents:
Teens on the Spectrum

Coming soon!

Parents of Youth on the Spectrum

Coming soon!

Let us know if you have an idea for a support group! Click here to send your idea.

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