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  • Teen Therapy Center

    Teen Therapy Center 5550 Topanga Canyon Blvd. Suite 150 Woodland Hills, CA 91367 818-697-8555 Previous Go back to FIND SERVICES Next < Back

  • CS

    CS Canyon Springs Community Facility Instalación Comunitaria de Canyon Springs ​ Previous Go back to ACRONYMS Next < Back

  • RESOURCES | Autism Support Community

    Self Determination Resource Links: Pre-Transition State Council of Developmental Disabilities (SCDD) Self Determination Program Orientation Page: Página de orientación de SCDD: SEARCH General Information Department of Developmental Services Self determination page: Lanterman Act Law: Página de autodeterminación de DDS: SEARCH Self Determination Program Law: W&I Code 4685.8 SEARCH SEARCH Find your Local Advisory Committee: Encuentre su comité asesor local: SEARCH State Self Determination Advisory Committee (SSDAC): Comité Asesor Estatal: SEARCH Independent Facilitator List of Independent Facilitators: Lista de facilitadores independientes: SEARCH SEARCH Questions to interview an independent facilitator: SEARCH Budget List of services in traditional regional center: (Bottom of the page: Regional Centers Services and Descriptions) Rates by Regional Center: Tarifas por centro regional: Relación de servicios en centro comarcal tradicional: (Parte inferior de la página: Servicios y descripciones de los Centros Regionales) SEARCH SEARCH Financial Management Services: Financial Management Services: Servicios de gestión financiera Spending Plans Self Determination Program Service Code Definitions: Definiciones de código de servicio del programa de autodeterminación: SEARCH SEARCH Self Determination Program Assistance: Self Determination Program ombudsperson: SEARCH State Council on Developmental Disabilities (SCDD) Los Angeles: SEARCH Disabilities Rights California: SEARCH College Planning Guide for Students with Learning Disabilities: SEARCH Education Disabilities Voices United: SEARCH Independent Facilitator Training Self Determination: SCDD Self paced: Free SEARCH Self Determination: The Guidelight Group: $1800 SEARCH Self Determination: Autism Society Los Angeles: Free SEARCH Person Centered Planning: SEARCH Independent Facilitator Training Academy: $499 SEARCH Find Services: Click here to search for services: Button

  • GGRC

    GGRC Golden Gate Regional Center Centro Regional de Golden Gate ​ Previous Go back to ACRONYMS Next < Back

  • SUPPORT GROUPS | Autism Support Community

    Autism Support Community Support Groups Autism Support Community Support Groups are safe, confidential, and supportive environments. The Ground Rules are our standard through which we honor the needs, safety, and overall health and well-being of our group. To participate in an ASC Support Group Meeting, you must agree to abide by our ground rules. Support Group Ground Rules: Confidentiality: What is said in the group is not repeated or discussed outside of group, Responsibility: We work together to make the group work, Acceptance: We accept people for who they are, and Participation: Be Kind. Everyone can choose how much they want to participate. We will make sure to give everyone an opportunity to share that wants to. We do not interrupt or judge others. Support Groups: Transition into the Self Determination Program This is a group to support one another through the process of transitioning into the Self Determination Program. First Fridays of the month 11:00am-12:00pm This group is currently full, but another one will be coming soon! Self Advocates/Parents: Adults on the Spectrum Coming soon! Create as you Chat This is a creative support group for artists/those who like to create art who are looking for other creatives to talk to. First and third Wednesdays of the month 4:00-4:30pm Click here to register Self Advocates/Parents: Teens on the Spectrum Coming soon! Parents of Youth on the Spectrum Coming soon! Let us know if you have an idea for a support group! Click here to send your idea. Button

  • IFSP

    IFSP Individual and Family Service Plan Plan de Servicio Individual y Familiar Regional center plan for ages 0-3. Previous Go back to ACRONYMS Next < Back

  • ACRONYMS | Autism Support Community

    Intellectual and Developmental Disability Acronym Lookup Have you been in a meeting that seems like they are speaking another language? Sometimes presenters, professionals, and school personnel forget that not everyone speaks the same jargon. The most common use is Acronyms (an abbreviation formed from the initial letters of a longer name or phrase). The Developmental Disability community is filled with them. They often forget that not everyone knows the shorthand. This can create barriers for families who are trying to learn the system. It gets even more confusing when translated into other languages and the first letters no longer match! This is an evolving list to look up the meanings. Our list is currently under construction. Please be patient as we try to add as many acronyms as we can find as soon as possible. Look up acronyms by alphabet: A B C D E F G H I O P S T U V W Or search through our list of acronyms: OUR LIST OF ACRONYMS If you have an acronym you would like to add onto our list, please click on the button below to send information. Button Acronym Look Up

  • Care Previous Go back to FIND SERVICES Next < Back

  • Best Buddies

    Best Buddies 100 Southeast Second St. Suite 2200 Miami, FL 33131 1-800-89 BUDDY (28339) Previous Go back to FIND SERVICES Next < Back

  • GF

    GF General Fund Fondo General ​ Previous Go back to ACRONYMS Next < Back

  • AAC

    AAC Alternative Augmentative Communication Comunicación Aumentativa Alternativa AAC means all of the ways that someone communicates besides talking. People of all ages can use AAC if they have trouble with speech or language skills. Augmentative means to add to someone’s speech. Alternative means to be used instead of speech. Some people use AAC throughout their life. Others may use AAC only for a short time, like when they have surgery and can’t talk. Previous Go back to ACRONYMS Next < Back

  • WRC

    WRC Westside Regional Center Centro Regional de Westside ​ Previous Go back to ACRONYMS Next < Back

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