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Episode 2: Is the Self Determination Program Right for Me?

2.1 What is the Self Determination Program?
2.2 Am I Eligible for the Self Determination Program?

This video explains what the self determination program is.

This video will explain if you are eligible for the Self-Determination Program.

2.3 What if I have Low or No Current Regional Center Services?

What if I have low or no current regional center services? How will I get a budget for the Self-Determination Program?

2.5 Similarities Between Traditional and The Self Determination Program

What are the similarities between traditional regional center and the self-determination program?

2.7 What Do I Want to Get Out of Self Determination Program?

This video helps you consider what your expectations are of the self-determination program and if they are realistic.

2.9 How Much Work will the Self Determination Program be once I am in?

How much time will I spend managing my self-determination program? What are the every day responsibilities of Self-Determination?

2.4 Difference Between Traditional and The Self Determination Program

This video will explain the differences between how services are provided with the traditional regional center system and the self determination program.

2.6 Who Will Help Me?

Who will help me get into the self determination program?

2.8 Questions to Determine if the Self Determination Program is Right for You

Questions to think about to determine is Self-Determination is right for you.

2.10 Will the Self Determination Program Affect my Public Benefits?

Will the Self-Determination budget affect my public benefits such as social security?

2.11 Self Determination is Right for Me... Now What?

What are the next steps once you decide Self-Determination is right for you?

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